Tuesday, August 26, 2008


On 17/8/2008 There was a big mass service at Christ Church Cathedral in Arusha. On that day Bishop Simon Ordained ten Deacon and four Priest. He also ordained on Lay leader for Christ Church, called Mr. Kabudi.

The names of the Priests who were ordained is Rev. Baraka Kabudi, Rev. Richard Lipscomb,Rev. Simon Irunde and Rev. Peter Cherra. And the names for the Deacons is Edward Lukemay, Allen Mbiso, Andrew Meshack, Adam Bernard, Ishmael Meurisho, Patrick Muhae, Daniel Hiiti, Joseph Beah and Peter Yatosh.

Lets pray for all the Priest and Decon's so that God can give them wisdom and strength to work for him. They cannot make it without our prayers. We also thanks all those who attend the service and accompany our Priest and Deacon.

PRAY FOR .........
We lost our Pastor Yona Mwaluko on 04 July 2008 at KCMC Hospital. Rev. Mwaluko was a Pastor at Namanga Parish. Please pray for the family and Namanga Parish, for them to hold on with the faith which Rev. Mwaluko left for us.

We lost our Pastor Mayengo on 19 August 2008 at Kibaya. Pastor Mayengo was on his way to Arusha for the Diocesan council Meeting. Suddenly he got an accident on his motorbike which cause his death. Please Pray for the family he left and the Dongo Parish and all Kiteto Parishes.

Christ Church Cathedral lost one of his Church Elder called Dr. Julius on 24th August 2008.
Please pray for the family and Christ Church Cathedral.

We all HOPE WE WILL SEE OUR BELOVED ONE WHEN THE TRUMPHET CALL. Let prepare ourheart for the enternal life through Jesus Christ our lord.