Monday, August 25, 2008


Endupoto Primary school started this year on 10th March 2008. It has only one class and a rainwater harvesting tank. This school is located at Kerere in Losinyai village in an area called Endupoto. Endupoto is a maasai name means fruits. This is Maasai area which is outside Arusha region. Its along Simanjiro. The area is very dry and nothing grows there. There is no school around so many maasai boys and girls doesn't go to school. The nearby school is very far so children fail to walk up to there. During rain season there is a lot of floods and temporary rivers so children stop from going to school for some month till rain stops.

Since we started the school there we received 131 children from the village. We just build One classroom so the student has got two session to attend. One from 8:00a.m - 12:00 p.m and from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00p.m. We have two teachers. One rainwater harvesting tank. There is no water nearby the area. The school also have four holes of Toilet. The student take porridge when they attend classes. We have one cooker for making their meal.

We have a lot to do for the school. Teacher stays far away from the school so we need to have at list a teachers house. School office, more classes, more toilet holes, well for water, dispensary the area is full of malaria and a lot of school material and equipments. Please we need you to join hands with us to make it work and make our dream come true so that we can do this together. We have faith one day we will have a university there.

We also need your prayers so much, so please pray for us and the work the Lord presented to us.

We thank St. Wilfrid's Episcopal Church - Calfonia for their support in starting this project and also thanks to Christ Church Greenwich for their support. We thank Cheryl and Karen and Pam individually for their support in starting this project.

Please let join our hearts together and we can make it possible. Thanks for you donation and God bless you.
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Bill said...

It is so encouraging to see the completed school room and water catchment system.

My wife and I were there with Cheryl Kyle as the foundation was being laid. The 400 Massai and their children who welcomed us were overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the project.

More remains to be accomplished, but what a wonderful start!


Bill Lord

Bill said...

An additional thought-

If you'd like to see the 2008 Mission Safari to the diocese, go to

Bill Lord

Cheryl said...

Dear Janet:
Good start on the blog. We will start the second classroom at Endupoto in December and hopefully a teacher's house and a teachers' office space in the near future.
Another dream is to build a library. We can ask each member of our safaris to bring several books to begin to furnish the Endupoto Primary School library for the Maasai students.
Keep up the good work.
Cheryl Kyle