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Background: This is a union of church women in the Anglican communion. In other parts of the world the name May be Womens Fellowship, Episcopal Church Women and the like. All in all it means women of the church. The Union was started by a Pastors wife called Mary Sumner 1876 in the U.K. since then adopted by all Dioceses constitutions where a Diocese is formed or started, then Mothers Union like other groups of the church also starts. Our MU started June 20th 1982 when our Diocese started. Leadership of the Union include the Bishops wife as adviser or called the President. Diocesan Bishop as "Mlezi". Chairperson chosen after every three years during the big conference where each Parish is presented by six members. We have up to date 56 branches. Our first Bishops wife was Mrs. Mariam Mohamed from 1982 - 1991. From 1991 August up to date is Mrs. Matha Makundi wife of Simon Makundi the Diocesan Bishop. Apart from chosen Leaders during the conference, there is a percent employed MU Secretary whose salary is supported by Mary Sumner house office in the U.K. named after the pioneer work carried out based on five objectives:

1. To uphold Christ's teaching on the nature of man and to promote its wider understanding.

Activities carried out of each objective differ due to culture and taboo of the women around but we can say in general that seminars meetings are carried out to help reach to the targeted. As Aids become a threat now care for orphans, widows and the HIV/AIDS affected families. Projects to keep women busy and boost their economical status items, tea and bites, selling of crops depending on the availability of what can be bought. At the head office, efforts to have permanent projects like house for rent. Helping the community and at present building a hostel for the Maasai Girls which will take us long as local contribution isn't much. We host 40 girls now at the hostel.

2. To encourage parents Bring up their children in the faith and life of the Church.

3. To maintain a worldwide fellowship of Christians United in prayer, worship and service.

4. To promote conditions in society which are favorable to stable family life and the protection of children.

5. To help those whose family life has met with adversity.

Other activities include making a difference in other peoples lives as we share our blessing with the needy. 2Corth. 1:3-4.

Nursery schools: We link with Parishes encourage them to mature children from the age of 3-6 before they join primary education. We have 33nursery schools and we hope to start more and more as we can.


Mothers union of Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro has doing a lot to help the Maasai girls who stays far away from the school to have hostel near the school. The Hostel now accommodate 50 girls.

The name of the Hostel is Called AMANI(PEACE) GIRLS HOSTEL.

We thanks friends from inside and outside the country who help us to reach the stage we are now. We manage to have Solar power for the girls to study at night and for Lighting as we understand electricity is very far away from the place. Also we fence the whole hostel for the safety of the environment. There is also a very big Rainwater haversting tank for the use of the hostel.

We are now building a kitchen for the purpose of having good and quality food for the girls. Please and now the kitchen is on process we thank God if you can donate so that this project may grow and we can expand and manage to keep more girls at the hostel.

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